Friday, August 8, 2014

It Matters

Everything we do matters even if we sometimes feel that isn't true. It might feel like a mundane task isn't making a substantial difference or that our daily routine isn't having an impact. The truth is that even our smallest conversations or seemingly minimal objectives are part of the larger scope of our environment. The key for us is to make sure that we are doing what matters most

Can we recognize what needs our attention in this moment? Are we able to accurately assess where our focus should be and then take action for that specific need? This might lead to a change in daily schedule, unplanned quality time with family, an increased focus on community, conversations with a good friends, or a shift in day-to-day responsibilities. Some changes might last for a season of needed focus while others may be an immediate need on that day. 

The key to our effectiveness is in recognizing that need and then quickly taking action. When we start doing what matters most we will find greater personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

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