Saturday, January 5, 2013

Worst Case Scenario

We know we make mistakes unintentionally but tend 
to assume others acted intentionally. -Jim Putman

It's difficult to keep pushing forward when you feel that people automatically assume the worst about you. Instead of seeing the positive potential they focus on the negative aspects of your personality and character and do everything possible to shine a bright light on it. There is no grace given to fellow sojourners, but we cut them off as soon as mistakes and sin enter the picture. Without giving concern to the true intent of their motivation, we can make fast assumptions that do not build others up, but simply breaks them down.

How much better would our relationships be if we would assume the best about someone instead of the worst? One of the beautiful parts of our relationship with God is that He doesn't automatically assume the worst about us-He can see our positive potential. He offers new mercies to us each day because He believes in the good of who we are. He sees the desires of our hearts to honor Him with our choices. It's a perspective that only God has--the ability to see all that we are and not only hammer down on the negative. It's a grace-filled love that He gives freely to us and that should be passed on in the same way.

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