Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stormy Weather

Having grown up in Florida most of my life I am used to severe weather. We endure hurricane season, pop-up tornadoes, and powerful thunderstorms. Some of them are brief while others seem to never end. The best forecasters try to predict the storm patterns for us so that we can take precautions, but even then we don't always escape the brunt of the storm. After the storm is over we can survey the damage that has been done and start to clean up and make necessary repairs.

This isn't that different from the emotional and relationship storms we endure in life. We may not see them, but there are always warning signs of impending trouble (usually within ourselves) even if we choose to ignore them. Some difficulties last longer than we think we can endure while others blow through our life with such ferocity that we are left staggering in the aftermath. Just as in nature, we can't really make an assessment on the damage that has been done until it's over.

With both storms you've got to heed the warnings when they come and just hunker down until it passes.

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