Monday, January 14, 2013

Prayer Dependency

Tonight was our monthly elders' meeting where we gather as leadership to discuss the workings of the church, what God is doing (and has done), and most importantly to pray. These can be tough meetings as we have to carefully consider difficult options and seek out godly solutions. There is a great responsibility in being very careful stewards of the resources that God has trusted us to manage well.

The greatest resource in our care are the people that God has given us the privilege of shepherding. The blessing for me is that none of these men take this lightly. They are passionately concerned for the welfare of the people in our church as well as those who are not yet part of Northridge. This is reflected in their continual devotion to finding solutions, but most importantly in their prayers. Their impassioned pleas for marriages, physical and spiritual healing, and wisdom fill the room when we gather. If it depended solely on the fervent prayers of leadership all these things would be solved.

Good leaders recognize the importance of the task we have been called to, but godly leaders recognize the power of the One who has called us.

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