Saturday, January 12, 2013

Band of Brothers

I am incredibly blessed to have a group of five guys that I meet with once a month. We made a commitment last March to meet at least once a month and work together to be better men. We read books on genuine Christianity, being a leader, developing into a better husband, and leading our children to Christ. I enjoy our discussions and the honesty that we are able to have with each other as we strive to follow Christ with our lives.

While I love the intellectual and spiritual challenge that we are able to bring to the group I know this isn't the greatest benefit. We have developed a brotherhood of men that prays earnestly for each other, holds each other accountable to the pledge to be a Christian man, and supports each other through peaceful and tough times. I value the bond we have with each other and the confidence I have in trusting them as we back each other up.

God didn't intend for us to go through this life alone. When we are able to find relationships that help us to grow closer to Him, we see this more clearly.

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