Tuesday, May 1, 2012


When I worked at Mainland, we won three state basketball championships. This was a result of dedicated athletes, great coaching, perseverance, hard work, and attention to detail. One of our team mantras was captured in four letters: "D.T.L.T." This was often repeated to keep our focus where it belonged. It was a reminder that for us to be successful we needed to "Do The Little Things."

I believe this principle is even more significant in our spiritual life. We desire to dream big dreams and accomplish great things for God's Kingdom, but can often miss that opportunity because we aren't focused on doing the small things each day. It was Jonathan Golden who said, "Every once in a while God gives us something big to do. Every day He gives us something small to do." 

When we are willing to commit to doing the small things that develop our faith on an everyday basis, I believe that God will give us the opportunity to step into something much bigger than we imagined. It won't come accidentally, but as a result of continued obedience towards the same objective. This constant sharpening hones an active faith in us that sets us up to make an impact for God's Kingdom. 

It is in disciplined attention to small details that great things become possible.

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