Monday, May 14, 2012

Open & Shut

I am asked to pray for people quite often as they make decisions for their future. Sometimes it is for a new job opportunity, a financial increase, or wisdom for something even bigger in their lives. Most of the prayers are focused on asking God to open a door so that we know which direction to move forward. We get excited thinking about the potential of these open doors and new opportunities.

Sometimes God's answer is not to open something else up to us, but to close doors we shouldn't go through. It may be a job opportunity we shouldn't strive for, a relationship we should no longer engage in, or a financial opportunity we should avoid. In our stubbornness we will often make the error of shaking the doorknob on that closed off path. We bang incessantly on the entryway to something because we have convinced ourselves it is the best thing for us. 

The closed door may provide the very solution and miracle God has been showing us as we prayed. It is His way of narrowing the pathway He is calling us to travel and leading us to trust in His providential guidance.

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