Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spilling Out

My wife and I are fans of the show "Friends." We laugh and quote lines from it and do the same with other fans of the show. It's the same thing another friend of mine does with movies--always ready with a quote or famous line.

As I am reading my Bible this morning (and as a follow up to Friday's blog) I was convicted by the thought that famous quotes, movie & TV lines come to mind more frequently than Scripture does. I don't like to admit this, but my hesitancy doesn't negate that truth. 

My interaction with family, friends, and community would be richer if my mind immediately went to Scripture. Difficulties would be handled with peace and wisdom if God's Word flowed out of my mind and mouth. My vision would become more clear and sharply focused if Biblical truth was the true meditation of my heart and mind. Opportunities to serve God would increase as I become more attuned to the rhythm of His Spirit.

It's a challenge for me to accept--the willingness to engage God's Word so deeply that it is the source of the spring of words that flow out of my own life.

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