Thursday, May 17, 2012


We all share a common malady-we have a sin problem. 

Sometimes Christ followers forget that we all fall short of the grace of God. We can become guilty of spending most of our resources of time, energy, and finances pointing out people's diseases without ever steering them to a solution. We aren't called to identify the individual problems of the world-it's the same diagnosis inside & outside the church walls. No matter what flavor of sin we identify with (gossip, substance abuse, infidelity, lying) we all have a sin problem and Jesus is the only solution. 

If God is the Great Physician, let's stop trying to diagnose the world and instead share with them a prognosis for treatment. There is complete recovery and redemption in Christ. We should join in the goal of seeking His Kingdom so that righteousness will be given to us. 

Pointing out disease and not offering the solution is cruel and selfish. Those who have been healed should strive to share healing.

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