Friday, January 20, 2012

Stick with It

After making a lot of progress in the health & wellness department in the first half of last year, I found myself fading away from the good disciplines I had started. Needless to say it left me feeling quite unhealthy by the end of 2011 and like most people I entered 2012 with a renewed commitment to regaining a healthy status.

I have discovered (not that it wasn't previously obvious) that there is no quick fix. It is painful & difficult at the beginning of the health-gaining process. The food choices you make require more discipline and the exercise regimen is not easy as muscles protest. Even though I may not want to do some of these things, I know that I feel better about making the right choice when it's over. I am looking forward to the time when these habits are simply part of my normal routine-a choice that I make that requires less discipline because it is simply part of who I am.

The same thing applies to us spiritually. It is easy to let ourselves drift away from an intentional relationship with God. Our schedules can get busy, the demands of life increase, and we just get lazy in our attention and devotion  to God. For us to succeed we need to see that we want to be in better spiritual shape than we are right now, and then commit to making the daily choices that will lead us there. It won't be easy at the beginning, but over time we will find that it simply becomes part of who we are.

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