Saturday, January 7, 2012

Building Project

A home is only as strong as its foundation. You can build whatever you want on a poor structure and the entire thing will collapse at some point. When we choose to follow Christ our foundation is built, but not by us. It is a gift from the King and is secure and reliable.

A foundation, though, is not a complete building, but is the anticipation of one. We trust in God initially to provide the firm basis for us to begin with, but we must then get to work to construct the rest. It is done through God's power in & through us, but requires sweat and spiritual equity on our part. It takes a vision of what we want to look like and humility to let God tweak the design as His perfect will sees fit to do. When we are striving to work with God in the midst of this, it is a symbiotic relationship that develops a structure that will withstand anything this world throws at us and will bring about confident fulfillment as we eagerly take part in seeing God's design in each of us.

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