Monday, January 9, 2012

Good Enough for Now

It's easy to become a slave to seeking what is next. While I am a firm believer in searching for God's vision for life, I think that we can sometimes get caught looking too far ahead and forget about what is happening around us in the present. It's an interesting tension to manage. As a leader I believe that we are called to actively seek out God's will for our futures. We must also trust in His ability to provide for this moment and to take time to revel in each day as He gifts it to us.

We should not stop asking God for more wisdom, direction, blessing, and opportunity. There is a certain peace that can be found in being content with where He has us in life now, and dwelling in the midst of the work that He is already doing in each of us. It's a constant reminder that God's plan will always prevail and that as we mature and are obedient He will reveal it in His timing.

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  1. Crazy you post this I was just talking with some friends Saturday about planing. How some planing in life is just necessary but too often I get ahead of myself. I'm not taken in all that God has to offer in today if I'm all in tomm. and even the next couple of years if Im not careful! When I slow my roll and just search for God in all of my today and let my faith in Him take care of tomm. I always seem at peace.