Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Hard Question

One of the hardest questions we can ask ourselves is, "Why?" It's easier to ask the question of "What?" because we can list the symptoms of a problem without having to address the cause. We can ask the question of "Who?" because we need someone to blame. We ask the question of "When?" as we figure out the time frame of the problem. There is even the question of "How?" to lay out the actions leading to our predicament. None of these questions, however, will help us discover the reasons we end up where we are.

When we shift our focus to wanting to know the rationale behind our circumstances, we can start to solve the problem. An internal audit brings us face to face with our own motivation and moves us beyond complaining about our current circumstances to actually doing something about them. Without knowing "why" something has happened we only address things superficially. Getting to the heart of the matter means peeling back uncomfortable layers and looking deeply at the root cause so healing can begin.

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