Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Finding Fulfillment

Recently someone asked me a question about personal fulfillment and I had to stop and think about my answer. I was able to share a few things that fit that description, but I've been pondering the question more this past week. Unfortunately, it can be easy to move through a crammed personal and professional schedule and not find a great deal of fulfillment. That doesn't necessarily mean tasks aren't getting accomplished, but that there may not be a deep satisfaction when we're done. I'm not suggesting that everything we do has to bring a deep personal sense of zen. I do think we have to find a way to balance what must be done with those things that bring us satisfaction.

I know very few people who can find all they are searching for in their professional life. Most of us are (or should be) more well-rounded than just career focused. I am still working on my personal definition, but I know of a few places I can find it already. Physically, it's in my consistent exercise and especially running where I find joy in gains and positive changes. With my family, it's in our consistent family time and the things we share together. In ministry, I find it when I see people grasp the consistent good nature of God and start to live in His pathway. In my friendships, I find it when there is honest accountability and encouragement and a willingness to believe the best in each other.

I think we can often identify when something leaves us less than fulfilled. Perhaps we'll find contentment more if we pause to search for what delivers true meaning.

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