Monday, March 28, 2016

Do You Agree?

I doubt many people take the time to carefully read each part of the terms and conditions associated with using software. I admit I have never really read each sentence to make sure I am in agreement with the user license. In my eagerness to use the program/app, I just click the "accept" button and move on. It's a good thing these companies are (mostly) ethical or we would all be in trouble.

Isn't it interesting how quickly we will acquiesce to the conditions provided to us when we are just focused on getting what we want out of it? I'm assuming there won't be any hidden clauses or tricks and am very quick to offer my acceptances. Why is it we can do that for our technology, but rebel against that same principle when dealing with our spirituality? It's almost as if we expect God to sneak in some clause we never predicted and won't want to follow. Instead of stepping forward in faith to follow His better path we hedge our bets in case something we don't like comes to light.

We probably should place a little less trust in self-serving, capitalistic entities and a little more in a selfless, caring deity who has proven His reliability.

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