Sunday, March 13, 2016

Making Things Personal

Yesterday, I ran in a local race supporting clean water through World Vision and a local partnership with GCSU. Each registration fee would be directly funneled through this organization to help provide clean water for one person in a country where that is not readily available. The race distance was 6 kilometers (about 3.7 miles) which is the average distance someone travels to reach an often unclean water source. This particular event brought together two of my passions: running and helping others.

What made the event even more unique was that the race bib had a picture of the person my funds directly supported. This wasn't just a nameless, faceless organization, but an individual whose life was impacted by me. While I will most likely never meet this young man, I can be strengthened by knowing our two lives have intersected in a very real way. Being able to identify those we help increases the bond between us and makes our impact more tangible.

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