Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Staying Together

The idea of improvement is appealing, but not always easy to fulfill. In fact, I want to get better at many parts of my life yet realize the amount of hard work it takes to make it a reality. One of the keys to successful advancements is to have someone to help push you along.

When I ran in my last half marathon I was able to run at a good pace and wondered if I would be able to maintain it in other races. One of the keys to my successful run was a fellow runner who set a good pace in front of me. We were able to run together for several miles and find an easy rhythm. It's a proven fact that having someone pushing (or pulling) on your journey helps the overall results.

This is true for other parts of our life as well. If we want to develop stronger character, we need to align ourselves with people possessing the same ideals and motives. If we want to be more committed to our families, we need to find people who are passionate about healthy family values. Developing a deeper spiritual life happens best in a community of like-minded mature people. Our fitness levels can increase if we find accountability with others who have the same goals and similar physical health values. 

To help us improve, we should look for people moving in the same direction and at a similar speed. This way we can find a healthy, but challenging rhythm to help us grow.

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