Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dark Day

The day after a tragic event presents unique challenges. I can think of several times in my life when I have faced these circumstances and how difficult the next day can be. When waking up that morning, it may even take a minute or two to remember how drastically things have changed. Of course reality sets in quickly as we remember that things are now very different. The day after a sentinel event isn't easy to reconcile because there is now a brand new reality for us to live with. We have experienced death, loss, and disruption of our normal life pattern and still haven't had the time we need to process what comes next.

I think about the followers of Jesus and how the day after the crucifixion must have been for them. All they had committed their lives to for three years was apparently gone. Their tight-knit community was scattered and no one knew what to do next. I'm sure they were in fear for their own lives as their seemingly invincible leader had been executed. Their entire perception of reality had been radically altered and no one knew what the future held for them. I would imagine this is the day depression, anger, frustration, and hopelessness settled in and began to take root.

The space between tragedy and hope can feel overwhelming. The realization that nothing will be the same as we once knew it isn't easy to grasp. If we can empathize with the followers of Christ through our situations however, we might be able to see the potential for hope on the horizon. Sometimes the smallest sliver of light is enough to convince us the darkness won't last forever.

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