Saturday, July 18, 2015

True Purpose

"We can all find a purpose on this earth larger than ourselves." Danielle Green 

Danielle Green is a Notre Dame alum and women's basketball player who also served in the Army. She was critically injured in May 2004 while serving in Baghdad, Iraq and suffered significant injuries including the amputation of her left hand. Danielle recently received the Pat Tillman Award for Service on the ESPY's (ESPN's sports award show), but it wasn't just for her dedication to sports and country. After earning the Purple Heart for her injuries and dedication, she committed her life to working with returning veterans as a readjustment counselor. Who better to help our military veterans reacclimate to society than someone who has gone through it themselves?

I have a tremendous amount of respect for Danielle on many levels, but it is her commitment to living a greater purpose that stands out. She gets it. She has not only modeled a servant minded attitude through her sacrifice, but also through her ongoing dedication to helping others. The idea of enduring sacrifice is not foreign to her, but is clearly part of who she is.

What if we each chose to live by this philosophy? Imagine the difference each life would make if we committed to this thought? This is what defines a real leader to me: someone who has dedicated their life to being part of something larger than their own preferences, schedules, and pleasure. Not only is this admirable, but it's the most fulfilling way to live. 

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