Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Long Term Effects

I've been a Mets fan for a long time and we've had a modicum of success over the years. Sadly, most of the years in between winning have been filled with unfortunate injuries, poor production, and overspending on contracts for free injuries. The perfect example is the contract of Bobby Bonilla. He signed as a free agent with the team in 1992, but quickly become a divisive force in the clubhouse. In an effort to move him off the club they agreed to defer his contract so it paid him $1.19 million each year on July 1st from 2011-2035. Needless to say, this has created the opportunity for many layers of jokes about the ball club.

This is a perfect example of the results of bad decisions in our personal lives. We might choose to do something which seems okay in the interim, but it can have long-lasting implications. We don't always think of the ridicule we will suffer or all of the consequences when we make these choices. Unfortunately, our unwillingness to think this through doesn't negate the damaging results.

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