Sunday, July 19, 2015


We are having training sessions for our guest services teams this week as we look to improve an already excellent ministry. This is an opportunity to reinforce vision and remind people of our positive values that drive us as a team.

One of the questions which came up during our training was whether to stay in your assigned area if a guest had a need. The answer is obvious: the needs of people outweigh anything else. We use the phrase, “People over position” as our reminder.

That’s pretty solid advice for other areas of our life too. We need to remember to place value in our relationships and on individual lives instead of focusing on being right and exercising authority over others. If we truly value the people we are blessed to have around us we will treat them with respect and look for ways to elevate them. Our concern will be to help them feel loved and appreciated before we focus on our own needs. Ironically, we’ll discover personal fulfillment when we increase the value of those we care about.

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