Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Don't Forget Why

During our current sermon series, we used a clip from the movie, "The Matrix". It has been several years since I watched it, but the clip has reignited my memory of the film. The basic premise is pretty simple: there are two worlds operating around us. There is what seems to be the normal world we all live in and there is the real world that only exists for those able & willing to see it. It's an interesting sci-fi twist on the idea of a virtual reality that has fooled most people into believing it is real.

I think we can sometimes fall victim to this same mentality. We become consumed by the stretched rhythm of life its demands on our time, energy, and finances. This creates a frenetic pace that narrows our vision to only conquering the problem of the day or maintaining our status quo. Sadly, this hectic mindset becomes our main focus and we end up forgetting the things which matter the most. We quickly become consumed by what we are doing and often forget why we do them. It's the motivation behind our actions that matters most--this is our true reality.

Don't let the rhythm of day-to-day life cause you to forget something bigger is happening at the same time.

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