Thursday, July 23, 2015

Comforting Presence

I have a very good friend named Larry who is a gentle soul and cares deeply for the people. He and I have served at camps together for several years and have a close personal connection. He is genuinely kind and openly affectionate. Larry always tells me he loves me and is known for his affectionate terminology and his signature catchphrase, "baby boy." I've heard him use it with our campers and even with adult men (who are obviously younger than him--including myself.) There's a gentle paternalistic tone to him and he's very good at bringing comfort when it's needed.

I was drinking coffee with a friend earlier this week and talking about the difficult trials of life we endure. We both obviously knew we needed to seek out God's wisdom and were frustrated by the apparent lack of response. It hit me as we sat there that what God often offers isn't counsel or even a solution. Sometimes he just offers us a seat on his lap as He affectionately says, "Come here, baby boy, “ as gently and lovingly as my friend, Larry. We've forgotten what it's like to be a small child and should learn to just take comfort in being in the presence of our Father. Sometimes it’s more important to be loved than to receive answers.

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