Sunday, March 8, 2015

Think First

Too often we speak in situations without giving careful thought to the words we use or the timing of our interjections. Just because we have an opinion on a subject (like everyone else) doesn't mean we need to always vocalize that opinion. I've learned through many failures and ill-timed comments we should guard our tongue more carefully and be judicious on when we choose to speak. There is an often repeated and yet true guide to help us determine when we should speak up and when we should be silent:

  • Can I verify that what I am about to say is the truth?
  • Is what I am sharing beneficial to others or just for my own gratification?
  • Will this motivate and encourage those that are listening?
  • Is it absolutely essential I share this or is it just an attempt at self-validation?
  • Is this truly a kind thing to say or am I using sarcastic humor and a passive aggressive attitude to communicate?

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