Monday, March 9, 2015


During winter it seems as if common colds, influenza, and stomach flu run rampantly through communities. Sometimes the sickness is so pervasive it's hard to remember when everyone around you was healthy. This season always leads to obsessive hand-washing, generous amounts of Germ-X, and even the ingestion of some apple cider vinegar in an attempt to avoid illness. Sadly, it doesn't always work as our best efforts are unable to keep us from avoiding the contagious disease. The infection is often too strong to avoid-apparently some people are just too contagious for us to avoid.

How contagious are we in other areas of our life? Are we so strongly committed to our beliefs that it begins to influence other people? Is there evidence of our convictions in our speech, attitudes, and actions that begins to impact those close to us? I don't believe we need to be forceful or pushy with our infectious behavior, but it should certainly make enough of an mark to be noticed and hopefully motivate others along the way.

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