Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Just Wait a Minute

I meet a friend of mine each Tuesday morning for coffee and conversation. It's an important part of the week for both of us as men striving to stay on God's path for our lives. We are both early morning people so we meet at a local coffee shop when they open at 5:30. Inevitably, I am there a few minutes early and sit in my car waiting for them to open.

A truck pulled in next to me today and the driver got out to walk up the door. It was just a few minutes before they normally open for business and when the guy tugged on the door it was still locked. The disgust on his face was obvious as he walked away, got in his truck, and peeled out. Naturally, as soon as he drove away they opened the doors right on time. In his haste, he missed his opportunity.

How many times are we in a hurry and cause ourselves to miss an opportunity? We might feel like it needs to be presented to us at the exact moment that we want it, but we don't always get to dictate when events occur. If we are willing to show a little patience we might even find that we don't have to wait long for something to happen. When we aren't able to wait, we might miss our chance by just a few minutes. A little perseverance can be fruitful.

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