Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Caring Takes Time

Our lead pastor shared a phrase in his message a few weeks ago that very accurately described something I often feel. He said, "I can't care for all the people I care about." It's a true statement that doesn't diminish individuals or genuine concern, but recognizes our limited personal capacity to connect.

I would reiterate his statement and also expand it to include the fact that I can't care for all the things I care about. This means that there are many programs, projects, initiatives, and ideas that I want to see succeed. The truth is that I can't give them focused attention due to my limited supply of time and energy. This doesn't indicate my lack of concern for something or my lack of understanding of its importance.

If I want to develop healthy relationships and direction attention where it belongs, I have to narrow my focus. Learning to fully engage in limited areas is a difficult lesson for a caring leader. Choosing to do otherwise deprives others of a chance to lead and leaves far too many people and projects uncared for.

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