Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pick One

Have you ever experienced something that inspired you to change? It might have been a men's group discussion that motivated you, a sermon that pushed you to think deeply, a book that challenges personal habits, or a movie that inspires your thoughts. These are positive influences that can create something new in our lives if we decide to follow through. Unfortunately, my personal experience has been that the excitement of the immediate moment doesn't always carry over into lasting change. Perhaps the lack of transformation can be linked to attempting to do too much at once.

To find more immediate (and permanent) success it might be better to ask this question: What is the one thing-just one-that I can choose to do because of this experience? Do that one thing and measure your progress before adding another level. The step-by-step pace of change might bring more consistent fulfillment and encourage us to stick with the process.

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