Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Brand Loyalty

The New York Knicks & LA Lakers met in a game last night with very little implication on the overall NBA season as both teams have underwhelmed this season and fallen far short of expectations. You might expect that a contest between two teams jockeying for draft position wouldn't draw a big crowd. As you can see from this picture however, the event was sold out in spite of two poor teams playing. The best explanation that I can fathom is that people paid to watch out of the power of loyalty. These are two well-developed brands with a strong organizational history and a dedicated fan base. It speaks volumes about the traditions that have been established and the expectations of the fans that this less-than-satisfactory season is an aberration and not the norm. 

Do we have this same brand-loyalty in our life? When we aren't at the top of our game are we able to maintain our relationships through the tough patches? Have we built enough credibility through our past decisions that we can endure a misstep? We should also examine where our loyalties lie. Are we steady examples of steadfastness or do we jump ship the moment circumstances get tough? It's not rational to demand loyalty when we haven't built up the credibility to warrant it. It's just as foolish to change our allegiances and devotions whenever the status quo shifts. 

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