Sunday, March 16, 2014

Desperate & Waiting

Have you ever been desperate for the answer to a question? Perhaps it was waiting to hear about a contract on a house, a decision on a promotion, determining whether you were accepted into college, or the results of medical tests. Every day that went by without an answer felt endless. You constantly checked your phone and your email to see if the response had been delivered. We fret about the delay in response and cause ourselves stress in the process. The period of waiting can be painful and the answer can sometimes be a relief regardless of the outcome.

Have we felt that same desperation while waiting to hear from God? When have we asked for something that we didn't get an immediate answer for? Have we continued to seek His direction when it seems like nothing is forthcoming or do we give up hope too easily?

An element of desperation in prayer isn't a bad thing for our spiritual health if it encourages us to continue to talk to God about what we're looking for. Waiting for deliverance teaches us patience and increases our reliance on God. This intermediate period can be the time that God needs to shape us to be ready to hear what He needs to tell us. Don't give up too early, but choose to faithfully pray and we might see God do something bigger than we first imagined.

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