Monday, September 9, 2013

It's a Start

I want to fix all the things quickly. I have a vision of the man I want to be and realize that I am far from the point that I desire to be at. I want to be a more patient person, a heavily invested family man, a dynamic and effective pastor, a man in excellent physical shape, a deeply devoted and supportive husband, a creative thinker, a generous staff teammate, and a kind, encouraging man that intentionally invests in others. I recognize that I am able to check off parts of this list, but I am also able to assess my current weaknesses and see that I am far from the ideal.

I could let myself be overwhelmed by the amount of things on my personal list. I could feel discouraged by my perceived distance from my goals and the shortcomings I still see. Here's the deal though--today I started working in the right direction. It's a journey I won't accomplish overnight, but I took a step or two towards being a better man today. After today there are 112 days left in this year and I am one day closer to who I want to be.

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