Monday, September 16, 2013

On the Beach

Now that we have been back in the true rhythm of life for a week post-vacation, I feel that I can accurately say that life is simpler at the beach. There we had no distractions and our pace of life was never threatened by outside influences. It was a place to recover from a hectic pace, to rejuvenate tired minds and souls, and to simply find rest. It was a place to be reminded of what is most important and to refocus energy where it's needed the most. I found peace in watching the sun peek over the horizon, the almost constant smell of sunblock, the thunderously peaceful sound of waves hitting the shore, and the dolphins, sharks, and fish that reminded us whose house the ocean actually was. Food was eaten hedonistically with no concern but appetite and what was easily available. Conversations were deep, but hours of silence were also freely, willingly shared. It was an almost perfect week.

The interesting truth about a vacation on the beach is that while it might provide the respite that you so deeply desire, it cannot be a substitute for real life. We might wish for things to be easier and simple, but a life that brings maturity and character isn't developed that way. We eagerly anticipate times of relaxation, but also treasure the tough moments when life isn't handed to us so easily. The time away hopefully refills us enough to move forward with strength and confidence when the path is difficult to maneuver. 

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