Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Failure of Nerve: Share the Truth

(This is part six of a series of blogs on failure of nerve. Click here to read the introduction blog.)

Rejection is something that most of us work to avoid. We analyze the possibility that our advances might not be well received and often choose not to take the risk. This can be true of our personal relationships, but can be particularly paralyzing when we're fearful of sharing Christ. 

I have never baptized someone who wasn't excited about their decision. That powerful moment produces emotional and spiritual energy that fosters transformation and the realization of a preferred future. Excitement bubbles over at the inner peace we now have and new vision is gained as the blinders of our past beliefs and decisions is finally lifted. This is a sentinel moment in our lives and most people can't wait to share it with other people. It's interesting then how quickly that enthusiasm for sharing can often fade. While we are passionate about the personal decision we have made we become reticent to pass that energy on for fear of alienating someone, offending their beliefs, or appearing intolerant of other viewpoints. 

All things need to be done in love and not necessarily by force, but we have to set aside this particular failure of nerve for the sake of eternity. It's a shifting viewpoint of choosing to share the story of our journey with Christ instead of fearing what someones response will be. Overcoming this hesitation isn't a matter of improving our daily life as much as it is giving a person an opportunity to change their eternal destiny. It's far less about our fears and more about our obedience to our calling as Christ followers.

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