Monday, September 30, 2013

Hit the Brakes

As I sit here on my front porch pondering my daily blog (too many ideas flowing at once) I watched
as a car rolled through the corner stop sign without even touching their brakes. It isn't the first time I've watched cars do this at this supposed "four-way stop." Some of them at least put up a pretense by tapping their brakes while others blatantly ignore the sign and speed through it. I recognize that it's against the law, but my anal-retentive personality won't let me do that in spite of the law. I wish that I could say my diligence in "stopping" was as easy in other areas of my life.

There is value in knowing when to stop-whether it's a break to rest our minds & bodies or the desperate need to cease some habit or activity that's about to cause great damage. I think that we instinctively know when we should, but when we ignore that signal long enough we have a stop sign thrown up in our lives to caution us about what's ahead. You might avoid damage and detection for a while as you keep blowing through this warning, but eventually you'll get caught or cause damage to yourself and others around you. 

We show more wisdom when we slow down and come to a full and complete halt than when we think we are foolishly courageous enough to keep going without causing collateral & personal damage.

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