Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Same Room

One of the most awkward things I have had to adjust to in ministry was the invitation time. It's fine when people are coming forward and making decisions and asking for prayer, but a little off-setting when no one moves at all. It's not just the lack of response that is difficult to adjust to, but the fact that I am facing all of these people while not leading them in any specific way. The longer I am in ministry the more I am able to see other aspects of this time and appreciate it more fully.

I stood today at the front of a room of 300-350 people while our worship team led a powerful song behind me. While I was fully engaged in singing (while also carefully watching for anyone who might come forward for prayer) I was able to watch people simply worship. The varying outward expressions of people were a balm to my heart as I was privileged enough to witness it while taking part in it myself. The room held quiet intensity, prayerful focus, demonstrative joy, tears of healing, and fervent hope. Some hands were in the air, others clasped quietly, while some desperately gripped the chair in front of them. Response varied among us, but we all responded in some way-whether privately or publicly.

It was the beauty of a shared experience on full display in the Church. None of us is at the exact same moment in our faith journey, possesses an identical background, or has matching maturity. There is still this grand moment for us to come together, be who we are, and offer what we have to the same God.

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