Friday, February 8, 2013

Good Together

My wife and I will have been a couple for 21 years next Thursday. I've written in this space many times about what a lucky man I am and the incredible relationship we have with each other. As much as I could fill this blog with poetic words about my wife's strengths and our marriage, I won't do that today. I will simply say this: we are good together. As cheesy as it sounds, we complete each other. We are able to provide a balance of thought and emotion for one another that other people just can't fill. I am her solid rock and calming presence and her thoughts, reflections, and insights are the ones that matter the most to me. We can make things right for each other simply by being together--even if it's just conversation over a cup of coffee. It's a good fit for us & I couldn't be happier or more blessed to go through life with such a complementary companion.

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