Monday, February 25, 2013

Raising Children

I can say with certain authority that parenting is the most difficult challenge I have ever faced. You are constantly learning as your children grow & it's readily apparent that no amount of reading or previous experience can adequately prepare you for what you will endure. Proper parenting requires vision and persistent consistency. It's a balance of discipline and modeling grace. Sometimes you feel like you spend as much time praying & crying as you do laughing. Nothing can humble you faster than genuine parenting--both when your children excel in God-given opportunities and when you see your own weaknesses fleshed out in your offspring.

Even in the middle of the challenges there is tremendous joy. It's in the shared tender moments of a lasting hug, a laugh shared in public from an inside family joke, and the fervent affirmation that you are on their side. It's the pleasure found in bringing home a surprise that brings squeals, watching them stand up for what they believe in, and seeing how much they have matured.

The joys of parenting make the difficulties worthwhile and even the trials that much sweeter.

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