Sunday, February 3, 2013

Make a Wish

Discontent is found in "I wish" statements. They represent our interpretation of a present or past circumstance and the desire to create a change. This isn't necessarily a negative thing depending on the resulting action, but it usually isn't properly focused. 

We can allow our "wish" statement to cause us to pursue material things as we search to fulfill deep longings that cannot be filled with temporary objects. This leads to brief periods of satisfaction with promotions, new technology, bigger homes, shopping, and saving. This type of discontent can only be alleviated for short periods of time however as we always end up searching for the next, newest, big thing.

We do have the choice of utilizing our discontent as an impetus for change as we transform our personal relationships and actively work to improve the world around us. The truth is that we are all wired to be discontent--to search for something bigger and better, but too often fail to realize what we really should be looking for. Aligning our hearts with God will shift the source of our wishfulness so that we care about the things He does. This change of perspective will certainly lead to a change in our actions.

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