Saturday, February 23, 2013

Making a Mess

I was in my office working this morning and noticed that the carpet was wet. As I pulled back the plastic floor protector I noticed that there was no small amount of water on the carpet. Since we have had a lot of rain this week (and are expecting more) I checked on the other side of my office wall to find another puddle. I could have ignored it, but have a good idea that I would soon have a floating office if I did. Obviously, this problem won't be quickly fixed (as evidenced by the fan currently blowing on the carpet & the disarray of furniture in my office.) At this point I'm not actually fixing the problem that caused it--I'm simply cleaning up the mess and we'll deal with the main problem later.

We have the same choices in our own lives. There will be times when we are faced with a problem that we can either ignore or deal with. The results of this turmoil might leave a big mess, but after we spend some time cleaning it up we're going to need to figure out what the cause is or we'll be back in the same position again soon.

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