Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Positive Talk

Our words are more powerful than we realize. It's easy to throw them around and not understand the impact they have on the people we care about. I've learned through my own poor choices how damaging my tongue can be and have also seen the incredibly positive power of an encouraging word. I think we've all got to learn to examine our speech and use better words if we want to see our relationships improve. Common relationship-building phrases could include:

I love you.
Thank you.
I'm proud of you.
You are important to me.
I think you're beautiful.
You make me happy.
I'm sorry.
You're safe with me.

It's a dedication to learning a new pattern of speaking even if the words might seem foreign to us at first. Speaking these positive words will be fruitful in our relationships. Even if we struggle at first I think we'll find it makes us feel better too.

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