Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Celebrations Help

I love to see lives transformed for the better and I appreciate the perseverance it takes to see success. Yesterday I wrote about beginning that journey right where we are and not waiting for some distant date or event before beginning. We won’t reach our destination if we are unwilling to start heading in a positive direction. I think there’s another key element that helps us maintain our focus along the way—celebrating the small steps of progress.

We miss opportunities to encourage people when we only celebrate ten years of sobriety, twenty years of marriage, or a year of wise financial decisions. Courage can often be gained and reinforced by honoring small moments of wisdom and perseverance. What if we shouted praises to the person who walked one lap around their neighborhood just as much as the person who finished their first marathon? What if we applauded one day of giving up cigarettes instead of reminding people of how far they have to go before their habit is kicked? You can’t build a year of positive habits without the 365 days that fill the calendar.

Let’s start encouraging people for their small steps in the right direction instead of waiting for a big moment to let them know we’re proud. The minimal investment of celebration may give them the courage to keep moving towards transformation.

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