Thursday, April 16, 2015

Old Friend

We had to put our old dog, Zeddy, to sleep today. These decisions are never easy to make and even when it's the obvious, right choice it still causes heartache. Any attempt to keep him around would only be selfish on our part at this point of his health.

There is a palpable sorrow in our house over our loss of this smelly old dog that was ever faithful and tolerant. He was always clearly my wife's dog and would follow her from room to room while often getting under foot. When my wife would leave the house he would sit at the front door and whimper until she returned. His loyalty was clearly with her before all others.

Zeddy also absorbed his share of ridicule over the years at the hands of three girls that loved him deeply. They would dress him up and take pictures, carry him around in baskets and bags, and cover him with blankets and stuffed animals. I don't think he ever minded because all of it meant that he was loved and that was good enough for him.

He was as stubborn as any dog I've ever met and was the ultimate escape artist when he was younger. Zeddy would wait for the exact moment your attention was elsewhere and would bolt away. Before his hips betrayed him he was one of the fastest dogs I've ever seen and couldn't be caught unless he wanted you to catch him. We would often sit around and tell stories of his running escapades and adventures in stupidity.

I made jokes about him and would often laugh at his escapades, but will miss him deeply as well. Good dogs have a way of working into your heart while becoming an integral part of your family and letting them go is painful no matter the circumstances.

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