Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Glimpse

Mission work on the reservation is not always easy. I have tremendous respect for our full-time missionary friends who have committed their lives to serving here for more than the week we are able to give. We see small sample sizes of the difficulties they face each day, but can't completely recognize the depth of their emotions.

They continue to pray and reach out to young people and families in hopes of sharing Christ and changing futures, but often see more disappointments than successes. The weight of hopelessness and despair increases with each child that wanders away. I know from talking to several of them that they often wonder how effective they are. Thankfully, God gives glimpses of hope that remind them that they are having an impact.

We talked with a beautiful young woman today that is focused on God and His plan for her. Her path is not easy and she will continue to have many difficulties to overcome. She is resolutely intent on rising above her circumstances and even her culture to make a difference. She knows her identity in Christ and wants to follow His path. She isn't abandoning her people either, but wants to come back and be part of the solution.

This is a powerful testimony to what happens when a life is transformed when surrounded by darkness. It's the glimpse of hope that is needed to keep working to make a difference.

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