Saturday, April 4, 2015

In the Middle

The day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday couldn't have been easy for the faithful followers of Christ. I feel certain they were still in shock at what they had witnessed and the deterioration of Christ's ministry in such a short period of time.

I would imagine they woke up on Saturday and had a moment of unpleasant orientation to this new reality as the awful events of Friday settled in. There had to be doubts about the past three years of ministry and the soul-crushing weight of questions about their future. Despair, great sorrow, and paranoid fear fueled their emotions that day. In all of this, they had no idea of the joyful surprise that awaited them the next day. They had no way of predicting that their deepest sorrow would soon be turned into unbelievable relief and the start of something completely new.

Where are we on this spectrum of emotion and experience? Are we devastated at our current life circumstances? Are we able to see a glimpse of hope and believe that better days are ahead? Or do we feel like we are stuck in the middle and unsure of what to do next? God is working in all of these phases even though it may not feel like it at that moment. Being in the middle means that hope is still on the horizon. Knowing a new day is possible may provide the strength we need to endure.

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