Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Juggling Act

I've shown the video above multiple times in the years since I first stumbled on it. I'm always in awe of the skill and practice that he put in to make this happen. At my current ability level, I'm not sure I could do what he does with just one tennis ball. Even if I could, I doubt an audience would be as impressed with my singular focus as they are with his ability to juggle multiple things with such dexterity.

I wonder if we are missing the boat when we are only impressed with someones ability to juggle multiple things. Perhaps we're missing the true value of a concentrated focus on one thing. It might not be as entertaining a show to watch, but I think we would realize great personal benefits from practicing it. Our intimacy with God would increase and we would be led into a deeper understanding of who He is. We would be more engaged in our personal relationships when we aren't trying to handle too many things at once. I believe we would even find more satisfaction in our calling if we could narrow our focus and energies.

I'm not saying that there aren't times when we will have to take on several things at once, but I do see great benefit in being able to narrow and intensify our focus sometimes too.

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