Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Helpful Truth

Our perception of current reality is very often defined by our past experiences. While this can be helpful in some circumstances, it doesn't always present the most accurate view. Our past wounds, disappointments, and even victories will color our reactions to our present situation. After a while it can even harden our hearts and solidify our minds to the point that we are unable to see the truth. 

As I thought about people and situations in my life this morning, I found myself asking God for one simple truth: "Help me to see things as they really are." This can be a scary prayer because it means that God will reveal things about me that I may not be aware of. If I really want to help others and be a positive, shaping influence, I need to start here. How can I handle the truth of the world around me if I'm not willing to see the truth about myself first? 

As someone who often mentally makes things worse than they really are, what I need most is to see the absolute truth and that is only available if I open myself up to what God wants me to see. His way is the only real truth and if I want to be an influencer for Him, I need to know what I'm really dealing with. Even if dealing with myself is the first step.

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