Friday, April 24, 2015

Enjoy It

I was driving in town today and passed by employees of two different restaurants. They were each holding signs advertising their lunch specials and hoping to entice drivers to stop in. The first one had a huge smile on his face and was dancing as he tried to get your attention. The other employee offered a halfhearted wave and limited smile. I didn't stop at either one, but it did make me think about their commitment to what they were doing. One of them was passionately engaged in the task at hand while the other was apparently going through the motions.

The tasks we are charged with completing won't always be the most enjoyable thing to do. I've discovered that the difference is often found in our attitude. Our individual perspective determines how we engage in sweeping floors, speaking in front of hundreds of people, or taking out the trash. We get to decide whether we will enjoy what we do or not.

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