Wednesday, March 4, 2015


We are all programmed internally to seek love and acceptance. We might try to fight that urge through rebellion and nonconformity, but even that response is birthed out of bad experiences in seeking those things. Our desire for these can be beautiful and beneficial when it's channeled in the right direction. Sadly, the negative side surfaces when we settle for them in places that are unhealthy and unsafe.

As a Christ follower, I believe God put these desires into our DNA so we would eventually seek Him. Making them part of the core of our identity means we can't completely ignore this need even if our earthly experiences are less than fulfilling. It's the lack of completion by any other means that is intended to push us to seek them in the perfection of Christ. It's God's way of wiring us to desire Him above all things even if we struggle with making that our reality.

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