Thursday, March 5, 2015

That'll Be Our Little Secret

When I was younger I would periodically watch PBS and the Bob Ross show, "The Joy of Painting." I realize that may not sound very appealing to some people, but there was a certain specialness to Bob. He was very calming and had the tremendous ability to make a blank canvas into a masterpiece of nature. He would start with his palette of colors and in 25 short minutes end up with a beautiful natural landscape. 

Bob became a cultural icon due to his painting prowess (and awesome hair) but also his leadership skills. He had a way of making painting look easy enough that I could do it. His descriptions and demeanor actually made me believe that I could paint something like he did even though I never picked up a brush. Bob's teaching style was encouraging and even though you were watching someone paint it was engaging. 

That's what good leaders do. They have the ability to lead people through processes and inspire them to believe they can be successful. 

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