Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Root of a Problem

It doesn't take a rocket (or social) scientist to figure out some basic sociological truths. They can be determined simply by paying attention to the condition of the community around us. One of those truths has been expressed very well by other people (Dr. Tony Evans being one of them) as he shares a simple equation for societal ills.

When men are dysfunctional as leaders, our families are dysfunctional. When our families are dysfunctional, our churches are dysfunctional. When our churches are dysfunctional, our communities are dysfunctional. When our communities are dysfunctional, our nation is dysfunctional. When our nation is dysfunctional, our world is dysfunctional.

It might sound like a lot of blame to place on men however the ills of a society can't be attributed to crowds, but individuals. The good news is that the converse of the progression above is also true. If men are willing to develop and be mentored into healthy leaders the rest of that dynamic will also be healthy. It's the hope we have for continuing to invest in the lives of men and a desire to see our communities changed one life at a time.

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